one year away – xxi

he is a sucker for odours.
he wants to know everyone of her odours.
from her cologne to her hair food.
from her breathe to her shoe smell.
yes, a moment ago he smelled her shoe. lol.
she has had it for 2 years and it still looks and smells new.
it has a minor odour of wood.
a new odour has been added to his odour memory.
-yah, i know. i said odour a lot. odour odour odour. –

ntseme 2017

one year away – xx

she smiles so well.
her bliss feel is contagious.
he sees her crossing the road.
the walk, the sway, the unique dimples on the sides of her lips as she smiles and looks away.
he does not long to see her, but when he does, he knows that that's what he longed for.
he glances at her with every moment he gets.
one year away. he can wait.
his patience will not betray him.

ntseme 2017

one year away – xix

one year away – xix

he sees her after 10 days
he wants to hug her, squeeze her, pick her up and kiss her.
her braces are off.
her hair is shorter.
she is beautiful. more beautiful.
he has been silent about her for sometime
hoping she will get off his mind.
no, she is still on his mind.
he wants to run away with her right now
but he can't. not that he cannot.
he must not.
that's the rule.

ntseme 2017


when i see a mother and her little son
i think of mom and i.
how she always held my hand when we walked together.
crossing the road. walking to church. me running ahead of her.
her rebuking me with the most beautiful still voice.
a voice that makes my heart pump gallons.
she raised my sister an i like a princess and a prince.
no, we did not get everything we wanted,
we sure got everything we needed.
we still do.
she gave us the greatest gift on the face of the earth.
love. she still giving it.

ntseme 2017

you are fired

riding a combi with a fired man.

"we regret to inform you that your contract will be terminated on 20th july 2017 because you failed to comply to the terms of this contract. so we give you a 1 month notice…"

i pip into his paper.
he has opened it to read it one more time.
the look on his face.
he tries to act 'cool'
but i can sense his hurt.
he is devastated.
i write this looking at him.
his facial muscles are sagging.
his eyes look sore.
he actually looks high.
maybe he is.
maybe he is getting fired for making out with mary jane during working hours.
i mean, a night security guard's life needs some hype sometimes.
oh well, i hope he complies to the rules on his next job.


lady in white

all these people in a combi, and none of them thought of taking the front sit.
well, i guess HE was saving it for the lady in white.
we all look at her to see how she is gonna get it.
one man tries helping her,
but she is ait.
she has been in this business for a while now.
no pity for her, please.
helping her would probably mean that she can't do anything for herself.
i wonder how it feels to lose a perfect walk.

ntseme 2017