he has seen this one before. he calls. she answers. they chat. it’s nice. they set an appointment. she agrees to come. they talk the whole day on the appointment day. she promises to come. she makes him cook for her. he does. she calls to say she is working late but she will come. he waits eagerly. the time hits 8pm. he calls to check if she is ok. she does not pick up the phone. he sends texts. she is still silent. he calls again and again. she does not pick up the phone. he gets hurt. he keeps calling the following morning. she is still not picking up. he gets worried. she goes silent for over a month or two after her conscience is settles. he reaches out again. same story repeats itself. 

he laughs cause he has written about it before. he vowed never to go back to her again. 

but he loves her. everything becomes a déjà-vu to him only at the end. 

this time he did not cook or wait for her at home. no. he left home to do his will and waited for her call. 

she never called. 

she says she can’t talk to people after she has disappointed them. yet, that is the best time to talk to people and apologize. 

silence in disappointments has never been a treatment. 

it is rather a sword cutting deep into the wounds of my broken heart. 
ntseme 2017




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