the sunsets to begin the holiness of his day. 

the sunsets to end the holiday of his day. 

the sunsets to begin the keeping of his day. 

when it sets again, another holy week begins. 


my queen

i saw her today

-are you the one we have been waiting for?-
i said – girl, i own this university-

we both laughed as i asked her in.

the curl of her lips when she smiles. 
the squinting of her eyes. 
the folding of her skin, into traceable lines.
the perfection of her teeth. white as snow
i can only imagine how smooth her skin might be. 
‘i can’t touch her’ -that’s creepy-

“it was great seeing you”

-always lovely seeing you koketso. always”

“have a lovely day my queen.”

-you too my king-

what he was



to pops, crying is something only done on stage.

he made us do a crying exercise where we channel all our thoughts on that one thing that really hurt us and let our tears drop on stage.
at the time, nothing had hurt me to the point of crying. not even the death of my biological father, who really was never there.
 i did not know at that time that the one thing that will make me cry is the death of the man who only believed that crying is a stage act for a realistic performance. something that happens in a spectacle and ends when the curtains are drawn to mark the end of the scene.
my encouragement to all is that, this scene shall end. just hang in there.the curtains will be drawn and we get to the scene where memories are more dominant than the absence of pop’s body.
 like he said in this poem “why should i cry- part 1” : “when death takes the body, i cannot cry. for the memories are not lost”.
in interpretation, i say, let our years be filled with the dominance of the great memories we shared with him
finally, before i sing you an awesome song. i have a question, what do you call person  who does not know who you are or where you come from or your family background or what your life intentions, and chooses to love you and care for you like you are his own blood??
i call him “god in disguise”.
i saw god’s character in pops. ever forgiving. ever giving. ever loving. ever caring. regardless of how you look or how you thing. f-k was “god in disguise”