life changed

he walked in with confidence as per usual. all black. all hyped. chatting and smile with us, leaving bright smile upon us and mini laughs. i looked at him as he signaled all of us to gather around. when he said it i was not sure whether my ears heard him well or i was just having one of my daily day dreams. after he said it the second time, i was convinced indeed he said: “come let us pray. starting from today, you need to pray before the beginning of every rehearsal”

i could see the shock in everyone’s face. him? prayer? “let us all close our eyes and ask for whatever we want to ask from HIM for the next minute”

i closed my eyes and begun to thank HIM for the answered prayer. a prayer i prayed about 3 years ago. in the mist of the moment of silence he opened him mouth to pray:

“GOD. protect and guide these children as you have also protected and guided me over the years. amen”

this prayer will echo through my life forever.